Rush Judo

The Dojo - Ashlyns School, Chesham Road , Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire , HP4 3AH.



Q. What is judo ?

A. Judo is a Japanese martial art and Olympic sport. It is the most widely-practiced martial art in the world, and the second-most practiced sport worldwide behind football.  Judo involves throwing your opponent to the floor, securing a ground pin or a submission.

Q. What are some of the benefits for children ?

A. Discipline, confidence, self defence, friendships, fitness – the list goes on !

Q. How old do you have to be to start judo ?

A. We take children from 5 years old onwards.

Q. How much are the lessons ?

A. The first lesson is free after that we ask for a monthly direct debit of £30 a month for one night a week ( silver membership ) or £40 a month for unlimited sessions ( gold membership )

Q. What do you wear on the first night ?

A. Wear a T shirt and jogging bottoms, we will loan a jacket and belt until you purchase a kit of your own.

Q. Where do you get the judo kit from and how much is it ?

A. We can supply a basic entry level judo suit for £25. They can range in quality and price after that. Rushjudo has trade accounts with all the top retailers so always ask us before choosing amazon !

Q. Is there a National Governing Body like the FA in football ?

A. Yes we are affiliated to the British Judo Association ( BJA ) and after 4 weeks every member is required to obtain a Judo Licence to continue judo. This provides all the personal insurance cover and the ability to grade.

Q. What is the grading system ?

A. We follow the BJA grading system – please visit :-